VESSEL is a place for learning the skills to build better futures. Alongside one-off events its programme will include short workshops, longer education courses, and ongoing research projects on a wide range of topics and interests, from wiring up solar panels, to growing urban gardens, to writing software, to repairing and recycling tools, to citizen science programmes.

We believe that those with the broadest knowledges and skills, the most open and enquiring minds, and the most access to information and ideas, are those best equipped to forge, survive, and thrive in, uncertain futures. We want to share what we learn and build with the city; to set an example and chart a course for a better future. VESSEL’s ongoing research projects – from renewable energy to urban agriculture – will feed back into the city, spreading knowledge and leaving a legacy of improved infrastructure and understanding.

We believe that Athens is a city of incredible talent and potential, already well-versed in weathering the storms which are only just beginning to rock the rest of the planet. We believe that it is in Athens that the skills and strategies needed globally to navigate uncertain futures will be practised and prototyped. Athens is the future. We’re building a Vessel to get us there.


Vessel is currently without a physical space due to the coronavirus, but will be returning soon.

Diversity and Accessibility

VESSEL is committed to better futures, and we recognise that a sustainable, survivable future includes all of us. VESSEL is an inclusive community where all our associates and visitors should feel welcome, free of misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and other prejudices. We will seek diversity and equal representation amongst our membership, audience, directors, and advisors.